TEKNOWORTH provides a full range of on-site preventive maintenance and repair of medical equipment. Our highly trained technicians have expertise in radiology and anaesthesia equipment plus other medical care devices.

Our full-service program gives you the most comprehensive healthcare equipment management services available. We provide CBET technicians who will work at your location, manage and maintain all of your assets.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including preventive maintenance, repair, service and calibration for major brands.


  • Repairs
  • Safety Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Vendor Service Management
  • Regulatory Support
  • Utilization Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Staff In-Servicing
  • Budgeting Reports
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Historical Maintenance & Tracking
  • Other Services & Reports as Requested


  • Add temporary technical support to your current biomedical staff as needed!
  • We train and provide you with the needed biomedical engineers and technicians.
  • Not only can we be there for you on a regular basis, but we’re also available to cover for vacations, special projects and other planned absences of your current staff. Our CBET biomedical service technicians have expertise in all types of biomedical equipment.

Complete Management of Medical Equipment in Hospitals & Facilities:

For better management of medical equipment in hospital departments and clinics, Teknoworth offers complete medical equipment management system at your hospital, to efficiently track, manage and facilitate inventory, repairs, equipment locations and decontamination and infection control aspects related to the medical equipment.

Teknoworth staff will manage the complete life cycle of medical equipments from the clinical facility requirement till the disposal of medical equipment, making it a most optimum way to manage the equipment, and ensuring their long run and minimizing costs to a significant value.











Maintenance and Management
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